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Although we are a GSP club we have lots of different gundogs as part of our club. Our purpose is to promote all purpose gundogs ie. dogs that are true to the characteristics of their breed and also do a good job either in the field; trialling or hunting, or being shown or just being a pet.


We like to encourage people to get out have fun and work with their dogs, not just keep them in the back yard. 


The club promotes both showing and trialling. 

In showing the dogs are paraded before a judge who ranks the dogs in order of merit based on specified conformation characteristics of each breed.  The idea is to keep improving the quality of the breed by selecting and breeding from dogs which typify the ideal. 

In trialing the dogs compete in simulated hunting conditions except that under current rules no game is shot.  The purpose of trials is to judge how the dogs perform in a hunting situation and to keep their skills up to scratch in the off season.

In showing or trialling the dogs compete to qualify for the title of either Show Champion or Field Trial Champion.

ARGSP Club provides training sessions for novice and experienced handlers and their dogs and these are an ideal place to start a young pup. 

We also run training days for club members and dogs to polish up their skills before the start of the hunting season.  The day typically consists of working the dogs to hunt and point.  Although we do some retrieve work, other gundog clubs do more training in this area.

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